Church Planting in Buffalo

Mission to North America
Church Planting mission of the PCA
(Presbyterian Church in America)
Jim has been examined and approved by MNA for church planting.
New York State Presbytery
Jim has been called by the New York State Presbytery (regional PCA churches in NY) as a church planting pastor to Buffalo and is fully accountable to Presbytery for guidance and spiritual oversight.

Pastor Jim Furey

Jim is the church planting pastor of Christ Church.  His passion is to see a Christ-centered, Gospel-driven, Kingdom-advancing church planting movement in the greater Buffalo community for the glory of God.  Before coming to Buffalo (which is where Jim grew up), he was a pastor / church planter in Indianapolis for thirteen years.

Jim and Carol’s Story

Jim and his wife, Carol grew up in religious homes but from two drastically, different faith backgrounds As newlyweds they loved each other and marriage was bliss, except when it came to discussing religion.  They would describe themselves as prideful, self-righteous, religiously arrogant, refusing to give in to one another – both claiming to be Christian, but in reality neither were.  So much so, they would go back and forth to each other’s churches every Sunday morning, proudly pointing out why theirs was the right church.

When Carol became pregnant five years into their marriage, they recognized the need to raise their daughter in one faith; so they returned to the church where they were married. Religious pride had refused to allow them to be married at each other’s church.  So they compromised and picked out a little church, solely for its beauty.  Now five years later in the ninth month of pregnancy, they returned to that same church.

The pastor graciously visited them in their home, and for the first time, they heard with their hearts the good news that Jesus Christ, the Son of God, loved them and died on the cross in their place to pay the penalty for their sins.  On the third day, He rose from the dead.  We are saved by God’s grace through faith in Jesus Christ and not by any of our good works.  Through Christ alone, we are forgiven of all our sins and receive God’s free gift of eternal life. 

Both Jim and Carol repented of their sins and joyously received Christ into their lives by faith.  God made all things new; instantly melting away their religious pride and self-righteousness, replacing it with a joyous love and thanksgiving for their Savior Jesus.  As Jim puts it, “God turned the lights on.  It was as if I had the blinders over my eyes removed.  The words of the Bible began to leap off the pages into my heart.  They never meant anything to me before.  God’s word was speaking to me!  And Sunday, instead of drudgery, it became the highlight of our week.  We couldn’t wait to go.”  Now with great joy and gratitude for Christ, they live to serve their Lord and Savior.


Jim had been in banking and finance for over fifteen years before being called into pastoral ministry.  He has a Bachelor of Science degree in Business Administration from Clarion University of Pennsylvania and has held positions in banking as Vice President of Cash Management and Trust Business Development.

As a Christian, Jim was greatly influenced by men like Dr. D. James Kennedy while attending Coral Ridge Presbyterian Church (PCA – Presbyterian Church in America).  He is a graduate of Reformed Theological Seminary in Jackson, MS where he received his Master of Divinity degree.  In preparation for church planting, he went through the PCA’s Mission to North America’s Church Planting Assessment Center and was eventually called to plant a church in the greater Indianapolis area where he has served as church planter and pastor for the past 13 years.

Today, Jim and Carol have been married for 37 years; they have four kids and two grandchildren.  They are currently living in West Seneca, where God has most recently called him to begin a new PCA church for the glory of God.  Jim also grew up in the Buffalo area and is a graduate of Orchard Park High School.

God has been gracious to us.  By His grace, having planted and pastored in Indianapolis for the past thirteen years, I believe the Lord is now calling me to church plant once again … this time in Buffalo, New York.”

It is the love for our Savior and love for the people of Buffalo to know Christ and live and serve Him that compels us to go forward with planting Christ Church for the glory of God.”